Corn cobs on the Grill

Corn cobs on the Grill

Prep time : 5 min
Cook time : 10 min



Shuck the corn cobs, brush them with a little olive oil and place them on the grill.

Turn them regularly until they are well grilled (about 10 minutes).

When they come out of the grill, place the cobs on a cutting board or plate and spray a little water on them to allow the salt to adhere.

Season with fleur de sel and add a dash of Organic Agorelio, to taste.

FINALE — To be eaten hot and with the fingers.

NOTE — Bring toothpicks!

TOPPINGS — Also try:

– olive oil, steak spice and parmesan
– olive oil and sriracha mayonnaise
– olive oil and green crumbs of crushed “sour cream and onion” chips and chopped fresh cilantro