7 tips on how to use oleo-calcareous liniment

Oleo-Calcareous Liniment Secrets: 7 Tips to Make Daily Care Easier for the Entire Family

Oléo-Calcareous Liniment LOLO

Moisturizers, oils, cleansing gels: what if a single product could offer all these benefits? It’s possible with Olive Oil Oleo-Calcareous Liniment! With it, you no longer need to carry the whole pharmacy every time you leave the house. 

Here are 7 tips to make daily family care easier with this small, gentle and natural 3-in-1 product.


Say Goodbye to Skin Irritations: Liniment Helps Relieve Eczema Flair-Ups

baby with eczema

Small patches of eczema can cause bothersome irritations for children and parents alike. While adults may manage not to scratch too much, it’s more challenging for a young child.

Thanks to a blend of calcium hydroxide—also known as lime—and olive oil, this natural lotion soothes irritations and helps eczema patches heal faster.


Gentle Care for Baby’s Bottom at Every Diaper Change

Diaper change with LOLO liniment

Applying Olive Oil Oleo-Calcareous Liniment after each diaper change will help the skin stay healthy and well moisturized. A good habit for baby’s daily care routine.


Sensitive Nipples


Are your breasts chapped due to breastfeeding? Liniment soothes sensitivity, moisturizes chapped skin and promotes faster healing of irritations.

And because it is made from natural ingredients, it’s safe for your baby to breastfeed even if some remains on the skin. Don’t wait for sensitivity to increase before applying liniment to your sensitive nipples.


Cradle Cap Care

baby's cradle cap

Are yellowish patches appearing on your baby’s scalp? It’s probably what is commonly known as cradle cap.

No need to worry! They should go away on their own after a few weeks. To speed up the process and keep the scalp moisturized, simply apply a thin layer of oleo-calcareous liniment after gently washing the hair.

For more information on the cradle cap, read our full article.


Mosquito Bites

baby mosquito bite

Yes, indeed! It’s even effective at soothing mosquito bites! The lime in the product stops the oxygenation of the bite, thus reducing the urge to scratch.




Did you know you can still get sunburns in the winter? Don’t worry, liniment will help your skin heal faster and soothe the heat and pain caused by sunburn.


Dry Skin, Makeup Remover and Stain Remover: All-Purpose Product!

little girl's makeup

Yes, all of that is also possible! Apply on dry skin to moisturize, use on a damp cotton pad to remove makeup, or apply it to stained clothing for cleaning: despite its simple, natural formula, liniment is incredibly effective!


Highly popular in Europe, liniment is slowly making its way across the Atlantic. With its moisturizing properties, this all-purpose product made from natural ingredients can be used for a ton of things in the entire family’s daily care routine.

Make your life easier by introducing it to your routine!

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