Bath Routine
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Bath Routine: Natural Softness at Every Stage 

The clock is ticking. It’s already 8 p.m. and the kids still haven’t had their bath. When caught up in hectic everyday life, mistaking body lotion for soap can happen to the best of us. Kids whine, stress rises, and it feels like total chaos.

Do not despair! Here are some tips to turn bath time into something pleasant.

LOLO Bath routine

The Magic Hour

We all feel a little tired after dinner and, depending on your child’s age, this might not be when you are most patient. A little family game to lighten the mood and digest, then… everyone in the bath!

Tip: keep a bag of never-used bath toys. If your little ones are still fighting you to get in the bath, let them choose a new toy from the “goody bag” as an incentive to hop in the bath and play while getting clean.

Turning the Bathroom into a Relaxing Oasis 

Imagine a bath with a soft pillow, a book table, candles, and bath foam that fills the room with sweet lavender scents. Great for adults, but why not try it for your children?

Do they like playing with cars in the water? Keep a box of water-safe toys near the bath so they get excited for bath time. You could also add fun decorations, such as magnets at the bottom of the bath, a colourful mat, or a soft pillow for the back or knees. 

Products Made for Kids

Hygiene products may vary from one brand to another depending on their scents or texture. Try finding soaps suited for children, with scents they enjoy and natural ingredients that will bring them comfort after bathing.

LOLO bath routine

Favourite Soaps and Shampoos

Choose soaps and shampoos made of natural products that won’t irritate your children’s skin. For instance, LOLO’s delicate hair and body soap is made from olive oil and natural, hypoallergenic ingredients.

For unruly hair, using a gentle conditioner and detangler will turn tears into smiles when brushing hair.

Mousse for Special Occasions (or All the Time!)

Let them build foam castles for unforgettable playtime in the bath. Bath foam with various scents may be the perfect ally for getting your little adventurers to jump in the water.

Bomb Alert!

Whether they are homemade or store-bought, bath bombs (or bath fizzies) can turn bath time into a festive activity. With a variety of colours and textures, you might want to set those special ones aside for when your little ones don’t want to get in the water. 

LOLO bombes de bain

Drying Off and Moisturizing

Plan the bath exit right away. If your children need to stand there shivering every time they get out of the bath, they won’t want to get back in. 

Choose a soft and warm towel that will be theirs when they get out of the bath. Why not one with their favourite cartoon characters? It will be THEIR very own towel, just for them.

What better way to moisturize the skin than with a massage! Gently massage your child’s shoulders with a skin-friendly olive oil lotion or massage oil and he or she will be ready for bed in no time!

Creating Memories

The bath routine is a special bonding moment with your children. Touching them helps communicate with them even before they can speak and babble incessantly! Bath time is a quiet and peaceful moment where you can whisper sweet nothings within the privacy of the bathroom.

Why not end bath time with a calm activity to maintain this soothing mood and gently prepare your child for the night’s sleep ahead. Reading a story or playing a quiet game can be wonderful bonding time before slipping under warm blankets.

The bath routine can truly become a great bonding opportunity, enjoyed by both children and their parents. Preparing and choosing the right products can go a long way.

Made entirely of natural, hypoallergenic ingredients, LOLO products are perfect for your new bath routine. Try them with your children and find out which one they prefer!

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