Enjoying winter outings with baby
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The joys of winter with baby, stress-free

As the streets are covered in a white blanket and the cold sets in, going out with a baby may seem challenging. How many layers of clothing should they wear to stay warm but not too covered? And how to protect their little face from the biting cold?

Here are some practical tips to enjoy the joys of winter with baby stress-free, even when the thermometer drops below zero!

Gear up like a pro!

Let's face it, going out in winter can be quite a challenge for parents. Boots, coat, woolen hat, mittens... the dressing list seems endless. And once you've properly bundled up the baby, a mysterious smell is detected. You start over: undress the baby, change the diaper, and voila, you're ready to go again!

Since it's good for the baby (and parents!) to get out every day for a breath of fresh air, opt for simple organization and a multilayer system with all clothes at hand, ideally in duplicate for hats and mittens.

And of course, it's always a good idea to bring an extra layer, like a warm blanket, in case the wind becomes more present than expected.

Several Quebec brands offer winter covers or sleeping bags suitable for our Quebec winters, such as Souris Mini. These little comfort cocoons allow the baby to retain warmth in their stroller or car seat.

For warm and cozy winter clothing, Canadian stores like Perlimpinpin offer beautiful options. If you want something cozy with a unique look for the baby, you'll find what you're looking for at Charlotte et Charlie.

Keyword: Preventive hydration!

To avoid irritating the baby's skin in outings in the bitter cold, you can prepare their sensitive skin with gentle and healthy products.

baume joues lolo

Protective Balm

A trick to preserve the sensitive skin of little ones during the cold season, especially babies, is to apply a thin layer of protective balm on their beautiful roundy cheeks.

It could be a balm that is beeswax, shea butter, olive oil, or oats based. These three basic ingredients naturally protect and moisturize the skin.

Our cheek balm with olive oil is a great option. A true concentrate of nourishing ingredients like oat oil, you can simply apply it to the baby's gentle face before a winter outing.

Sunscreen Even in Winter!

Sunscreen isn't just designed for summer on the beach! The sun can damage the skin, even in winter. To prevent the fragile skin of the baby from potential cold bites, apply a thin layer of sunscreen for sunny days.

tube d'écran solaire et baume à joue lolo

Babywearing or stroller?

As the baby will benefit from your body heat, babywearing is a lovely way to keep the baby warm during winter outings.

If you prefer the stroller, a few tricks can help retain warmth. In addition to sleeping bags or stroller covers, you can place a warm water bottle between the baby's legs or close to them.

You can even make it yourself! It's straightforward; you just need to fill a watertight flask with boiling water and place it in a blanket near the baby. The heat from the water will spread to the stroller and keep the baby warm.

If you're worried about the flask leaking, you can also use reusable hand warmers. You can place them almost anywhere near the baby so that they can benefit from the pleasant and long-lasting warmth. You can find them, for example, from the Quebec brand Hot Poc.

In some Scandinavian countries, tradition dictates that babies and young children are left outside during their winter nap. This practice is supposed to strengthen their immune system. Even though it's not a tradition here, we understand that it's good to go outside, even in winter!

So, don't wait any longer to enjoy the joys of winter stress-free with your baby! There are so many beautiful moments waiting for you. Give them the chance to appreciate winter with the cold, the beautiful snow, and outdoor activities. And afterward, treat yourself to a hot chocolate! You've earned it!

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