Our 3 Favourite Quebec Baby Boutiques

Our 3 Favourite Quebec Baby Boutiques!

Quebec baby boutiques offer unique and original products that are ideal gift options for new parents or to use with your own children.  

Whether you are looking for baby clothing or home decor, several toddler stores stand out from the competition in our beautiful province. 

Find out about our top three favourite Quebec baby boutiques that offer eco-friendly materials and soft, high-quality clothing. 


Les petits Tousi: Wool Softness 

Les Ptits Tousi slippers

(Source: Instagram @lespetitstousi)

From adorable tiny slippers to headbands, the Quebec online boutique Les petits Tousi offers a range of accessories to keep both children and adults warm. 

Their mission? Quite simply, to comfort children and adults through wool! Les petits Tousi’s promise lies in accessories as gentle as a mother’s touch, handcrafted by Quebec artisans.  

One of the key principles advocated by Les petits Tousi is to create jobs and supplementary income for women in need of a good work-life balance, allowing them to work at their own pace. We wholeheartedly share this respectful commitment to their employees!  

Where does the name “Les petits Tousi” come from? The last name of founder Camille’s spouse and children is Tousignant. Tousi happens to be their nickname, so this was her way of honouring and including her husband and children in her company. A family business with a wonderful love story.  

Crochet Kit 

The boutique located in Lanaudière also offers a set of yarn and crochet hooks, ideal as a gift or to keep your loved ones warm, and you can make your own creations!  

What’s more, the boutique sells balls of yarn from Peru. Wool from Quebec sheep is rather coarse due to extreme temperature differences. Since temperatures in Peru are much more stable, the wool is much softer, making it better suited for children’s products.  


Ora: Warmth for the Hearts 

Ora Mood LED fireplace

(Source: Instagram @my_oramood)

This is a Quebec company with an original idea: Bring back the cozy atmosphere of wood-burning stoves in children’s bedrooms.  

It all started with a father’s passion. Seeing just how much his children loved their old wood-burning stove, he decided to build one after they moved, and made it child-safe. Entirely made of wood and LED lights, Ora fireplaces bring a comforting touch to children’s bedrooms. 

The fireplaces are made in Quebec and come in 3 main designs: Rustik, Nordik and Origin. Located in the Lanaudière area, the Ora factory uses steel chimneys made in the Maritimes. Fireplaces are made from maple and cherrywood. 

Born out of love for wood and authenticity, Ora fireplaces are built to last with exceptional quality materials and timeless design.  

 Oramood: Sound App for Added Effect 

This love for tradition merges with technology through a unique app that offers soothing content, such as the sound of crackling fire or stories and riddles your children can listen to before drifting off to sleep.  

The unique Oramood app updates its content every week, so your little ones have new riddles and stories to listen to each week!  

After all, who doesn’t enjoy unwinding while watching the flames flicker around the logs? 


Lambert: Stylish ans Eco-Friendly Diaper Bags

Lambert diaper bag

(Source: Instagram @lambertbags)

Lambert is a Montreal-based handbag brand that also offers durable and trendy diaper bags. 

Designed for busy parents, the bags feature several compartments and pockets to easily organize diapers, wipes, spare clothing and other baby essentials. 

Celebrated for their aesthetic appeal, Lambert diaper bags stand out prominently. Unlike traditional, unappealing diaper bags, Lambert bags are crafted with a keen eye for style and fashion. 

In fact, this is the genesis of the brand. While expecting her second child, Montreal native Mélissa Lambert was looking for a diaper bag that fused elegance with versatility. Failing to find one to her liking, she was inspired to create a brand specializing in bags for mothers, combining style, adaptability and environmental consciousness. 

Today, Lambert has a team of over 30 employees with 280 points of sale across the country and a flagship store in the heart of Plateau-Mont-Royal. 

Vegan Diaper Bags

Lambert diaper bags are made from vegan leather, polyurethane. This eco-friendly material makes the bags environmentally friendly, but also durable and easy to care for. 


Veille sur toi 

Boutique Veille sur Toi

(Source: Instagram @boutiqueveillesurtoi)

Located in Laval, baby boutique Veille sur toi specializes in nightlights and comforters for little ones. The manufacturing company has been expanding its product range for over 10 years, to the delight of little ones and parents alike. 

While the Quebec-based manufacturer also offers a wooden toy collection, it showcases natural and sustainable products. From the oh-so-soft bunny blankie to the Petit Chef clothing set, organic cotton is used so it won’t irritate your child’s delicate skin. 

Our top favourite? The Edouardo pineapple blankie without hesitation! Check it out, you’ll surely want to snuggle with it too! 


Wonderful, quality products that combine aesthetic appeal and versatility— exactly what you’ll find at our favourite companies! Quebec is full of talented entrepreneurs and artisans, so why not support them? 

Remember that these are just three examples among many others. Why not explore and discover hidden treasures in Quebec’s charming baby boutiques for yourself? You won’t be disappointed! 

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