Prepare for a successful Halloween!

Prepare for a successful Halloween! 

Kids celebrating halloween

The spookiest evening of the year is shortly coming up. For it to be as much fun on the return home from the candy hunt as the hunt itself, our team has prepared a few suggestions for the return home.

Here are a few simple and easy-to-apply tips so the spooky part of the evening is not limited to the costumes (and does not include your child’s behavior!).


Enjoy healthy foods before leaving for the candy hunt 

Even if you tell them thousands of times, the temptation is too strong: your little sugar bugs will nibble on a few candies. A few?! Might as well go with many… 

If you delay supper, they will get hungry during the hunt and will want to eat candies even more. And once at home? Stomach ache or nausea guarantee! 

This is why eating just a light meal before exploring the neighborhood streets represents a good choice.

In need of on theme suggestions? Discover our article on Halloween menu ideas, which includes the infamous skeleton made of crudites! 

PSST ! We even included an alcoholic (or not) refreshment for you to enjoy before taking off with your squad. 


Organize the candy hunt with reusable candy bags

Lolo reusable bag

After the hunt, it is the moment to discover the harvest! Here is some advice to avoid finding forgotten candies at the bottom of the Halloween bag months later : sort the candies right away. 

- Pile 1 : Your kid’s favorite candies. 

    - Pile 2 : The less popular candies, but that they will eat up with pleasure after the first ones. 

    - Pile 3 : The ones that come after the second choices are the ones that are going - to be abandoned in the bag in a few months.

    Put away the first 2 piles in separate bags, ready to be consumed and keep the other less popular ones in a pretty bowl for your guests. Someone will enjoy them for sure!

    The art of makeup removal

    Remember last year when you tried to clean up your child’s face? A mix of fatigue, irritation, and pain ended up starting a tearful crisis?! Not this year!

    Get yourself our oleo-calcareous liniment before the big night. Everything easily and effortlessly disappears, without a single tear. 

    « I don’t want to take my bath !!! »

    Fatigue is starting to play on our little ones mood, and that’s normal. It is time to take out the ultimate weapon to attract them into the bathtub: special halloween bath bombs!

    Whether the bath bombs exhibit on theme colors or not, imagine a boiling colorfully filled cauldron that they can dive into to imitate sea monster


    Lolo bath bomb

    Create a peaceful ambience with a candle against monsters

    Add a comforting routine for the little ones: light a magic candle that drives the monsters away on Halloween night. Therefore, they won’t have to fear that the scary vampire they saw on the streets will come and haunt them during the night. The candlelight will reassure them before they crawl in their bed.

    Of course, you too will enjoy this cozy ambience, with the kids sleeping, a good book on hand or a horror movie with your sweetheart, on the couch. 


    Lolo’s team hopes that your family and yourself will have a fun Halloween night for all, from the beginning to the moment your little monsters rest their heads full of amazing souvenirs on their pillows. 

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