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Reusable Bags Set

Reusable Bags Set

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One Step at a Time…

Versatile zero-waste totes, 7-bag set, completely washable and reusable!
Practical and eco-friendly, they eliminate the need for plastic shopping bags.
Fill them with your favourite foods! Fruits and veggies, herbs, bread, coffee, nuts, legumes, flour, and more!
Set includes:

1 x large opaque cotton bag 35.6 cm x 38.1 cm | 14'' x 15''
2 x large cotton mesh bags 30.5 cm x 38.1 cm | 12'' x 15''
1 x medium cotton mesh bag 25.4 cm x 30.5 cm | 10'' x 12''
3 x small opaque cotton bags 20.3 cm x 25.4 cm | 8'' x 10''


100 % naturel cotton, non-bleached, safe for food.
Each bag has a simple pull-cord to protect your foods.

Care Instructions

Strong and easy to clean
Machine washable in cold water
Do not bleach to maintain colours
Tumble dry on low heat
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