Saving Tips with Large Sizes
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Saving (and Eco-Friendly) Tips with Large Sizes

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We hear it all the time: buying large sizes saves money. But when faced with the price of said large sizes, you might change your mind in a heartbeat.

To get a better grasp of the topic (and learn money-saving tips), let’s compare the prices of our large and small sizes. 

You’ll see, the difference is astounding, and the money saved could be spent on a family or restaurant outing.


Body Soap

1.5 litre size: $69.95

Phew! $70 for soap may seem rather steep at first glance. Especially when the small 125-ml size is $13.95! That’s more affordable, right? Well, not exactly.

Fact: your children will need to bathe several times a week. If you use about 5 ml per bath every other day, which is a small amount in your hand:

3 baths per week x 5 ml x 2 kids x 52 weeks = 1,560 ml of soap per year for the kids.

If you renew your 125-ml stock regularly:

1,560 ml per year / 125 ml per bottle x $13.95 unit price = $174.10 per year!

Now, remember that our 1.5-litre size (1,500 ml) costs $69.95. So, when purchasing it right from the start, you end up saving…

big size savings

Drum roll 🥁🥁🥁


And that’s just for one product! Buying large sizes for all your hygiene products makes a huge difference in the end (not to mention using less plastic).

That’s enough to indulge in a small luxury item or some well-deserved relaxation, like a massage for instance.


Other Large-Size Products

Liniment and lotion

Keeping our products for our very scientific example (!), here are some other possible savings with large sizes:

· Oleo-Calcareous Liniment: Save about $200 over a year when purchasing the 1-litre size rather than renewing with 125-ml bottles.

· Lotion: Save $50 when purchasing a 500-ml bottle at $49.95, rather than 4 smaller 125-ml bottles at $19.95.


More Savings When Purchasing Large Quantities?

You can save not only when you buy large hygiene product sizes but also food products, which represent the most cost-effective sector when bought in large quantities.

However, waste is a challenge!

Prioritize non-perishable or long-lasting foodstuffs to ensure better waste management.

For instance?

Olive oil, dry foods (such as cookies, chips—which we know won’t go to waste! 😅), frozen fruit, dried fruit, cereal, to name a few. 

Whether you like to shop at Costco or go to the local market, you can save at any store. As shown with our example, sometimes you simply need to buy a larger size to save money.

But beware! Some brands have caught on to this consumer trend and pretend to offer larger quantities at reduced prices, when in fact they’ve only increased the packaging, not the product quantity. To find out more, read this article from L’Actualité, which talks about this practice and what to watch out for. 

In any case, doing the math is always worth it to make sure there are real savings in the end—and that these products won’t go to waste. 

Ready to save? Get your calculators!