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5 Sensitive Skin-Care Tips for Children

The baby is crying, again. When changing his or her diaper, you notice red and irritated skin behind the knees. So, that’s why baby was so cranky! Our little darlings’ sensitive skin is delicate and deserves special care.

This article includes 5 practical and easy things you can do every day to pamper your children’s delicate skin, head to toe!

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Opt for Short, Lukewarm Baths

Staying in a warm bath for too long dries out the skin. This is why dermatologists recommend shorter baths. For children with eczema, time in the bath should be even shorter and kept to 10 minutes or less.

The water temperature can also affect the skin’s moisture and barrier. Hot water can dry it out even more, even though it may feel more comfortable at first. Keeping the temperature at 34 to 37 degrees Celsius is best.

Most children don’t need a bath every day. If they didn’t roll in the mud or smear spaghetti all over their body, they can easily bathe only 2 to 3 times a week until they reach puberty.

Dry Off Gently

Whether it’s after a bath, while changing a diaper, or washing their face, use a gentle towel to gently dab your child’s skin. Vigorous rubbing can irritate their delicate skin, especially if it’s already irritated.

If your baby’s diaper is full, you may obviously rub a little harder! The point we are trying to make is to simply make it a habit of not over drying the skin after a bath or getting out of the pool.

Choose Soothing and Hypoallergenic Products

Pick soaps and shampoos made from natural products. Try avoiding products that are scented or that contain colouring, especially if your child is prone to redness or irritation. When in doubt, ask your doctor about which products to use for sensitive skin.

Oleo-calcareous liniment and diaper rash cream are our star products to care for your baby’s or toddler’s sensitive skin. After a diaper change or after a bath, both products will become must-haves to soothe and gently clean irritated skin.

Sunscreen lotions are also a great ally to protect sensitive skin. Ask your pharmacist which one is best for your child with sensitive skin: some sunscreen lotions contain ingredients that can dry out the skin or cause skin reactions.

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Use Naturally Gentle Products to Moisturize Regularly

Use gentle and natural creams to keep skin supple and moisturized. If your children are reluctant or upset, a little massage can be soothing while applying their moisturizer. A sweet bonding moment!

You can even include a special moisturizing lotion routine after teeth brushing for instance.

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Opt for Clothing with Light Fabrics

Avoid harsh fabrics or irritating seams when choosing clothes. Even when old, worn out, or dated, comfortable clothes with soft and natural fabrics, such as cotton, are the best option for young children’s delicate skin.

At LOLO, we understand that your little ones’ sensitive skin is precious and unique.

Pamper your children while providing them with the best possible care with our line of soft and suitable products. Make time for hygiene rituals that not only keep your children’s skin healthy, but also strengthen emotional bonding.

Because every hug, every bath, and every smile is special.

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