Baby Shower: From Organization to Gifts

Baby Shower: From Organization to Gifts

shower preparations

Organizing a baby shower can be quite a challenge. From choosing the theme to planning the food, organizing activities and coordinating guests; it can seem like an endless task.

To ensure the success of this special celebration, you need to remember that above all, it is meant to share the joy of welcoming a new member to the family.

Whether you prefer a grand reception or intimate living room party, we’ve got all the answers you need to organize a baby shower that is fun for everyone (especially for the parents-to-be!).


Organizing a Baby Shower:
The Basics

When Should You Throw a Baby Shower?

It would be best not to wait until the last minute to throw a baby shower. The second trimester of pregnancy is the ideal time for the mother-to-be, as she still has plenty of energy.

Who Should Be Invited?

Close family and friends, colleagues: the guest list depends on what the expectant parents prefer. Some opt for an intimate celebration, while others want to share this moment with as many people as possible.

Surround yourself with family and friends who share in your joy. Family, close friends, colleagues who have watched you grow into your round belly—anyone with whom you feel like celebrating this special moment.

Tip: Limit the number of guests. For a celebration with close friends and family, intimacy will be best for you to interact with the people who truly matter.

Invitation (Canva Template)

Canva invitation template

Draw invitation inspiration from templates on Canva. It’s easy and visually appealing. These templates are free and can be easily customized: Invitation Templates.

What to Do: Original Games for a Successful Shower!

- Fish for Pacifiers : Instead of bobbing for apples, try to grab a pacifier using only your mouth. Guaranteed laughter!

- Who’s Who? : Ask your guests to bring a baby photo of themselves. Mix them up and try to match the photos to the guests!

- Stroller Race : Provided you have access to a yard (and several strollers!), why not set up an obstacle course? Facing off in a duel, players must reach the finish line with their strollers!

- Diaper-Changing Relay : Ever tried unwrapping gifts blindfolded? In this version, you must put a diaper on a doll. Form two teams and the first team to finish wins!


What to Gift?

Friend giving a gift to the mom-to-be

The million-dollar question!

Knowing what the parents-to-be would like as a gift is always tricky. A smart idea to avoid getting the same gift multiple times is to create a wish list managed by someone other than the expectant parents.

That way, guests can inform this person about the gift they plan to give, preventing any awkward moments at the party. 


As a Guest

There are the classics:

- Diaper bag
- Stoller
- Baby carrier
- Cuddly toys
- Clothes
- Nursing pillow

And more original ones:

- Monogrammed hairbrush for baby
- Newborn Starter Set with gentle baby products
- Memory box so you can remember it all
- Belly Cream for the mom-to-be
- Star projector nightlight
- Smart pacifier (shuts close as it comes out of the baby’s mouth: no more bacteria!)

LOLO's newborn starter set & belly cream


For Guests

Want your guests to keep a souvenir? Set up a baby-themed photobooth with props! Your guests will go home with memorable photos.


In the end, regardless of the number of guests and gift ideas, the key is to celebrate this magical moment! Don’t stress too much—seek help from someone you trust or opt for something more intimate.

What matters is to listen to each other and organize an event where the expectant parents will feel comfortable and be surrounded by loved ones. Have a great baby shower!