Wood: A Kitchen Favourite
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The Art of Living

Decoration Trend: Elevate Your Kitchen with Accessories Made From Teak and Mango Wood

Mango Wood boards

Whether you’re a top chef or an amateur, cooking should be fun and easy. To do so, kitchen accessories should be efficient, durable and sturdy.

At La Belle Excuse, we’re committed to offering you high-quality products that are also eco-friendly. Here are a few reasons why wood, a natural and durable material, is a go-to option for kitchen accessories.



Rustic Mango Wood Chopping Board

Tired of using ladles that break easily? No chance of that happening with our teak wood ladles; they are built to last!

Teak and mango hardwoods are known for their resilience, not only to wear and tear but also to stains, water and heat. The latter is crucial for kitchen accessories: you can stir, sear or serve hot foods without worrying about the utensils cracking or warping.


Preserves Food Taste and Quality

Teak Wood Bowls

Have you ever felt like your meal had a slight metallic taste? It might have been due to the kitchen accessories used to prepare it. Stainless steel, commonly used for cooking, can sometimes react with certain foods, leaving a metallic taste that alters their flavours.

Neutral wooden kitchen accessories offer another benefit: preserving food composition and nutrients. By reacting with certain foods upon contact, stainless steel can also affect the nutrients they contain.

 A healthy choice that preserves great taste is a win-win all around!


Nature Friendly

Wooden Ustensils

Using natural materials is obviously much more eco-friendly. Wood is a renewable resource, and very little is needed to make kitchen utensils, not to mention that it is 100% biodegradable.

From an eco-responsible standpoint, it’s indeed an excellent product.


Versatile and Protects Surfaces

Wood chopping board on the counter

Are your pots and pans often scratched, causing food to stick? Spatulas, spoons and ladles won’t scratch surfaces, thus preserving the non-stick coating. Guaranteed easier cleaning!

Another reason to favour wooden accessories is how versatile they are in your decor. A teak cutting board can be used both to prepare food and as a stylish serving platter to display an assortment of delectable foods at the centre of your table. 


Warm, practical, durable and eco-friendly—the benefits of using wooden kitchen accessories are abundant. So, why wait to swap your old, worn plastic cutting board for a gorgeous mango wood one? Or perhaps gift one to a culinary enthusiast among your loved ones.

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