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French Shallot Confit in Raspberry Balsamic

French Shallot Confit in Raspberry Balsamic

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LA BELLE EXCUSE offers you a French shallot confit made from our fortified wine and our raspberry and white balsamic vinegar. The sweetness of the french shallot, the taste of the cooked raspberries and the aroma of the Kampot pepper will definitely inspire you…


French shallots, white onions, red onions, cane sugar, fortified wine, raspberry vinegar, salt, black Kampot pepper, gluten free pectin, citric acid. Contains sulphites.

Product Use

Cheer up your grilled cheese sandwiches! Add some confit in your ham sandwich made on a crispy baguette, with old cheddar cheese. Enhance your cheese platter or smoke salmon. Delicious with meat pies and quiches, a purée or dauphinoise potatoes. Then again, if we are forced to do so…how about champagne and foie gras!


Refrigerated after opening, the confit will keep until the expiry date.

Fun Fact

Having a vineyard on the riverbank of Ouareau River, Aristo is also an artisanal wine producer.
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