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Sage Dried on Stem

Sage Dried on Stem

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With its fresh floral aroma, sage goes well with roasted meats such as pork, chicken, rabbit, veal, lamb, duck, and game meats.

Product Use

It enhances dishes incorporating garlic and lemon, sautéed potatoes, pasta, roasted squash, risotto or a white bean salad. Delicious as a spread with olive oil on grilled or toasted bread.
SPECIAL TIP: For quick pasta: pan-fry minced garlic with butter and olive oil. Add sage leaves and cook slowly until the garlic begins to brown. Add the zest of one lemon and cooked pasta of your choice, season with fleur de sel and ground pepper. Serve immediately.


Hand-picked in the heart of the Greek countryside.
Can be stored for several months in a dry place away from light.

Fun Fact

This aromatic herb has long been considered a sacred ceremonial plant. It was offered up to the gods in ancient Greece and was also a part of the basic ingredients in both funeral and traditional magic rituals.
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