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Wooden Scrub Brush for Hands and Nails

Wooden Scrub Brush for Hands and Nails

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Wooden brush ideal for cleaning hands and nails after gardening. Its smooth wood feels soft to the touch and its ergonomical handle provides a comfortable grip fitted to the contours of your fingers for greater precision. This brush is also highly useful for fruits and vegetables! The bristles are sturdy enough to clean root vegetables, yet soft enough not to damage more delicate produce when applying less pressure.

Hang up the brush easily with the handle for quick drying.

By La Belle Excuse


Bamboo handle and sisal fibre bristles


10 X 9.6 X 3 cm | 4" X 3.75" X 1.15"

Care Instructions

Keep your brush in good condition and avoid soaking the wood or bristles in water. Dry bristles thoroughly after each use.
If bristles are heavily soiled, soak the brush standing upright in a bowl of vinegar.
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