6 Recipes to Make Valentine’s Day More Romantic than a Restaurant Outing
La Belle Excuse
La Belle Excuse

Make Valentine’s Day More Romantic than a Restaurant Outing with these 6 Recipes! ❤️

Still hesitant about what to do on Valentine’s Day for a special evening? Why not stay at home in a warm and intimate setting, talk for hours and stare into each other’s eyes without being interrupted by a server or a nearby couple arguing?

La Belle Excuse team is offering 6 delicious Valentine’s Day recipes for a memorable evening. Time to bring out the cute aprons!


Fresh and Tasty Duo: Steak Tartare with Strawberries, Almonds and Prosciutto

Steak tartare with strawberries, almonds, and prosciutto

Who can resist the delightful combination of freshness and flavour? Alex Turcotte from Projet BBQ presents an original beef tartare, perfectly seasoned to bring out all the subtle nuances of the recipe.

Its sauce made of vodka, rosemary and old-fashioned mustard adds a burst of flavour to every bite. Take your time to savour each mouthful for a lasting delight.


To Be Savoured: Antipasti Platter

Antipasti platter

If you prefer tapas-style meals, this will please your gourmet side. Our suggestion includes creamy burrata, figs and pancetta, but the platter can be made to your liking. Gourmet products carefully selected to suit your loved one’s preferences.


Divine Simplicity: Salmon Tartare by Gabrielle Pellerin

Salmon Tartar

This easy to make salmon tartare recipe by famous chef Gabrielle Pellerin focuses on quality ingredients. Fresh salmon, pearl onion confit in lemon balsamic, some herbs, fresh fruits and voilà!

Not only is this recipe a feast for the senses, but it will also give you plenty of time to prepare the rest of the evening…


Melt-in-Your-Mouth Sauce: Duck with Chocolate and Red Wine Sauce

Valentine’s Day often comes with chocolate. Instead of giving your honey a box of chocolate, why not try this heavenly recipe of duck breast coated in delicious chocolate and red wine sauce. Each bite will melt in your mouth!


Travel From Your Kitcken: Mediterranean Fish & Seafood Soup

Mediterranean fish and seafood soup

Maybe you’d like to try something new? This soup-meal is a lighter version of the famous paella, with a hint of saffron. Enjoy as you warm up by the fire while a light snow falls.

Bring the Mediterranean into your home for the evening.


A Romantic Ending: Chocolate-Covered Strawberries 

This fruity classic is a sweet way to end the meal. Chocolate-covered strawberries are the perfect dessert to a romantic evening.

Served with Prosecco or sparkling wine, this special treat can be prepared to your liking: dark, milk, white chocolate or your very own creation.


Bonus Surprise: Passion Fruit Cocktail and Lemon Vinegar

Passion fruit cocktail

Why not start the evening with a thematic drink crafted with passion fruit to awaken the senses for a romantic evening. 

Whether you are planning an elaborate feast or have just a few minutes to spare, these recipes will infuse a touch of romance into your evening. So, grab your aprons and easily whip up an evening that is more romantic than a restaurant outing!