Ceramic Tableware: Refine and Elevate Your Kitchen
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Ceramic Tableware: Refine and Elevate Your Kitchen  

Ceramic plates

Create an elegant kitchen with ceramic tableware. Imagine a sleek, white kitchen with just a few kitchen accessories and beautiful blue ceramic tableware proudly displayed on the countertop. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? Especially when your own countertop is crowded with all sorts of plastic containers! 

Basic materials such as ceramics are delightfully making quite the comeback in kitchen accessories. Not only are they convenient for everyday use, but they also add unique, elegant and authentic style. 

Read about the many benefits of ceramic tableware in this article. Get ready to transform your table into a small masterpiece with ceramic tableware. 


Why is Ceramic Perfect for Kitchen Accessories? 

As a durable and natural material, ceramic is entirely recyclable. As it is highly resistant, ceramic will not be distorted with heat and can withstand chemical cleaning products. It will maintain its original appearance, even after multiple washes. 

Its non-absorbent material is another great benefit to using ceramic for kitchen accessories. Therefore, no bacteria are retained in utensils or containers, and none is transferred to food. 


Difference Between Ceramics and Porcelain 

While porcelain is also a ceramic material, it is made from purer kaolin clay and fired at higher temperatures. This process gives porcelain a smoother and more translucent finish compared to traditional ceramics. 

In porcelain, both its advantage and drawback lie in its finesse. The delicacy of high-quality porcelain tableware gives it an air of luxury and richness. However, this same delicateness makes it more prone to breakage. 

Porcelain is often associated with royalty or luxurious tea sets. From beautiful plates with sumptuous designs to delicate cups, they tend to be collector’s items or used for special events rather than be used as everyday commodities. 


Where to Find Ceramic Tableware 

Many Quebec artisans use ceramics in their craft. Two companies in particular offer exquisite handmade pieces.  


Atelier Trema collection vaisselle ceramique

Atelier Tréma: Artisans in Bedford 

Founded by a passionate team of ceramic artisans, Atelier Tréma offers a collection of handmade ceramic tableware, seamlessly blending modern aesthetics with traditional craftsmanship. Each piece is unique and carefully crafted. 

Available in four basic colours, their home collection features WHITE (white glaze & raw beige clay), GREY (white glaze & raw grey clay), SAND (entirely beige) and SLATE (entirely dark grey). 

Whether you need a complete dinnerware set or accessories such as ceramic cruet sets, Atelier Tréma offers unique pieces to elevate your kitchen. 

Eco-Friendly Ceramic Tableware: Made Locally 

From cereal bowls to dessert plates, their ceramic dinnerware sets are crafted in their workshop on the South Shore of Montreal. You can buy them onsite at their café-boutique in Bedford and at several other points of sale such as the Trois fois par jour boutique or at our lovely countryside store in Saint-Liguori. 


Gharyan tableware collection
Gharyan: Thousand-Year-Old Stoneware Ceramic Tradition 

Available in several shops worldwide, including one in Montreal, Gharyan stoneware ceramic accessories preserve the knowledge of several Mediterranean generations.  

Artisans from Tunisia work with pure clay that is rich in minerals. Fired at temperatures exceeding 1,200 °C, their stoneware kitchen accessories are highly durable. Dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, shock-resistant and withstand high temperatures: they adapt to everyday life. 

It should be noted that the company is committed to sustainable and fair trade. Therefore, all products are initially crafted in Tunisia by workers who benefit from favourable conditions, insurance, and decent wages.  

From ceramic coffee pots to complete dinnerware sets, Gharyan offers refined pieces to give your table that little something extra, making it inviting, distinguished and sublime. 


Caring for Ceramic Tableware 

Washing ceramic dishes

To maintain the beauty of your ceramic tableware for an extended period, it should be handwashed using a gentle detergent and lukewarm water.  

As with any tableware, it’s best to steer clear of abrasive cleaners that could damage the surface, even though it’s known to be highly durable. Sudden temperature changes from a microwave could also lead to cracks in more delicate pieces. 

Durable and Eco-Friendly Materials 

Did we mention its durability? Ceramic doesn’t scratch or break easily. Ceramic bowls, mugs and pots can be used for years to come.  

Choosing handcrafted and locally sourced ceramic tableware means choosing durable and eco-friendly products. By supporting local artisans, you are helping preserve traditional craftsmanship while reducing your ecological footprint. 

Their timeless beauty and exceptional durability make ceramic tableware and accessories a wise investment for an elegant and eco-friendly kitchen 

Whether you are a passionate cooking enthusiast or simply seeking elegant items for your kitchen, ceramic tableware is a wise choice. With its exceptional durability, timeless beauty and positive ecological impact, it epitomizes the perfect blend of functionality and style.  


From skilled Quebec artisans to specialized shops in Montreal, there is a wealth of options to enhance your kitchen collection with unique and authentic pieces. 

Add simplicity and elegance to your table for cozy family dinners or festive gatherings with friends. Let ceramics be the focal point of your kitchen and allow it to inspire your culinary adventures and creativity to enjoy every moment. 

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