Post holidays routine

Find a calmer routine with the kids after the holidays tsunami! 

Here we are: the holidays are officially behind us! But, fatigue is certainly very present… Between Christmas Eve at the inlaws and New Year’s with the friends, children and adults alike lost all their usual habits. What day is it already?!

To start the new year on the right foot, Lolo’s team shares a few tricks with you to go back to a more stable routine after the holidays tsunami.


mom holding her baby in front of a chrismas tree

Back to a «normal» schedule

A more stable schedule will allow everyone to gently return to their daily habits. And the word gently is important here! Let’s be gentle with ourselves and our cherished little ones: the transition may last a few days in order to prevent everyday tantrums!

According to psychiatrist Claire Lewandowski, «an efficient routine gives the impression of control over daily life, which reduces stress and anxiety.»


After a few restful days, allow yourself to return to a schedule closer to your tiny loved ones’ normal. Ah yes, the return of the alarm clock! In order to succeed in getting to bed early, we have to wake up early as well!

Sometimes, sleep is harder to find, since the schedule has been disrupted. 

Gently resume the bath routine, followed by a tender moment with your child. Whether it is to massage them with a lavender scented massage oil or reading a story while cuddling on a rocking chair, these serene moments could last longer to help children fall asleep easier.  
Returning to a more regular bedtime, could be approached gradually, starting the night time routine 10 to 15 minutes earlier each day.

Small out-of-the-ordinary tricks, like the pillow mist, may also help children to get to bed earlier and smoothly fall asleep.


pillow mist and massage oil

Sucre à la crème, sausages and bacon, chips: have holidays been synonymous with all kinds of sweets and delicacies? That’s normal! Choose lighter meals in a return to normal phase to help the youngers’ digestion (and yours too!).

As food plays a role on mood and sleep, choose quality meals made out of fresh and healthy ingredients, like the ones included in a mediterranean diet, as a way to go back to better eating habits. And to be of service to yourself, prioritize simpler recipes that do not take 2 hours to concoct.



Who said back to normal has to rhyme with boring? We can still have fun moments!


Without needing to go away for a whole day, we can plan a fun activity per day. It allows for a less drastic cut between the ultra busy holiday period and the few following vacation days. 

Here are a few family friendly ideas to slowly recover from the holidays:

- Pique-nique in the living room

- Play board games in a homemade improvised sheets tent

- Go sledding at night with headlamp

- Create a family talent show


Let go!

Fatigue is good mood’s worst enemy! Yes, we are all tired, but as children are emotional sponges, a little let go attitude can be helpful for everyone.

The last one doesn’t want to dress up this morning? We can call a pyjama morning  for everyone! We try to find funny ways so that all can keep their smiles during this return to routine phase. We don’t have to take back ALL our good habits as early as January 2nd!

Whether you are more of a sedentary type or a going-out-everyday person, getting back in a more usual daily rhythm after the holidays is a challenge for everyone, especially for the kids. The well established, precious routine was a guarantee of good mood, we have to brace ourselves with patience and softness during this transition period. 

So, take advantage of your last vacation days to relax, create incredible souvenirs with the whole family and gently resume your good habits.


mom playing with her kid