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Flavors of the Mediterranean Gift Set

Flavors of the Mediterranean Gift Set

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This gift set has just what it takes to please gourmet friends, colleagues or family members! Contains a bottle of LA BELLE EXCUSE black olive oil (250 ml), Mediterranean fleur de sel (250g), a unisex kitchen apron, and bar of kitchen soap with rosemary, lemon and coffee (65 g). This exquisite Belle Excuse will add zest to any kitchen.

Product Use

LA BELLE EXCUSE black olive oil adds a refined touch to any meal, enhancing the flavour of fish, grilled meats or vegetables, salads, pasta and sautés. Once the dish is ready to serve just add a pinch of fleur de sel as a flavour boost with its crunchy texture and unique taste. Convenient for cooks who don’t mind getting their hands dirty, LA BELLE EXCUSE kitchen soap eliminates odours and staining caused by certain foods such as beets, garlic, onions, seafood, etc


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Fun Fact

LA BELLE EXCUSE black olive is green in colour with golden highlights. Mild floral taste with a hint of ripened fruit and a peppery taste on the finish. Our Mediterranean fleur de sel adds a little something special to meals. Rich in magnesium, calcium and other micronutrients, it is also a popular substitute for ordinary table salt.
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