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Gourmet Gift Set

Gourmet Gift Set

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The Le Gourmand gift set is specially created to bring joy and happiness to the person receiving it. Whether it’s a gift “to me/from me” or for someone who appreciates gourmet delicacies.



The ceramic oil cruet filled with La Belle Excuse Green Olive Oil enhances every dish while adding to your decor. This practical cruet can be reused endlessly thanks to our refill stations located at the La Belle Excuse Boutique and at several of our retailers.

Lemon and White Balsamic Vinegar brings the invigorating taste of summer to salads and tartars, also to fish and seafood dishes. Delicious in a chicken or lamb tagine, as flavouring in lobster butter, Thai dishes, a quinoa salad, or tabbouleh with pistachios, in fried onions and dried cranberries.

French Shallot Confit with Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar brightens up any cheese platter. Add it to a grilled cheese sandwich made with local cheeses and artisan bread or with ham and aged cheddar on a baguette, with cold cuts, or for brunch with smoked salmon and cream cheese. Goes with quiches and meat pies, purées, squash au gratin as well as dauphinois potatoes…or, if you absolutely have to, with champagne and pâté de foie gras!

Create a "spa" atmosphere in the kitchen, thanks to the Lemon, Rosemary and Coffee Kitchen Soap bar sitting in its pretty soap dish. This La Belle Excuse olive oil-based soap will leave your hands feeling soft and satiny.

Our rich hand cream made with Olive Oil will help regenerate and protect skin daily against the elements. Smooth and silky, it moisturizes skin leaving it velvety soft.


Soap dish may differ from photo.
Carefully packed in a nice La Belle Excuse box.

Fun Fact

Try our Lemon Balsamic Gin and Tonic Recipe included !
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