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Discover New Ideas for Lunches and Snacks: Say Goodbye to Tasteless Sandwiches!

Greek salad

Tired of carrot sticks for snacks and ham sandwiches for lunch? There comes a time during the year when you inevitably get bored of eating the same things and when lunch and snack ideas start melting away like snow in the April sun.

No need to worry!

The La Belle Excuse team is here to spruce up lunches that need a little flavour and make your snacks more original!


Delicious Snacks for Busy Days

Is your energy level often low mid-afternoon? Eating healthy snacks will help with: 

· Boosting energy once your lunch has been digested.

· Producing serotonin, the wellness neurotransmitter.

· Sleeping better and not feeling irritable and hungry until your next meal.

So, are you ready to enjoy the benefits of healthy snacks?


Finger-Licking Dips to Make Your Vegetables More Enjoyable! 



Freshness is the first word that comes to mind with tzatziki. Made with sour cream, yogurt and cucumber, it’s THE go-to dip on hot summer days.


Tiro… what?! Even though the name sounds complicated, preparing it only takes 10 minutes.

Red pepper and cream cheese spread, it can be used as a dip or as a spread in burgers and sandwiches. And its name will be a sure conversation topic! A definite winner at the office!


More common than tirokafteri, hummus is a staple in many families. It’s ready-to-eat version is easy to find at grocery stores and is available in various flavours.

But did you know that it only takes a mere 10 minutes to prepare? Not only is it more cost friendly, but you will be able to try more combinations than those available at grocery stores.

You prefer peanut butter to tahini? Why not try it in our recipe! You’re the chef! 


Snack Favourites!
Biscotti-Tangerine cake-Scones

Who said that healthy had to be tasteless? Not us! Here are a few sweet snack ideas that will draw your colleagues to your Tupperware container like moths to a flame.

Biscotti with Apricots and Pine Nuts

Do you love to dip your snack in coffee? The firmness of the biscotti makes it a perfect snack with a cappuccino or the traditional afternoon coffee break at the office.

Dried fruits and pine nuts add a little something to this snack to make it both tasty and crunchy.

Olive Oil, Poppy Seed and Tangerine Cake

Cake as a snack? Sure, why not! Made with olive oil and tangerine juice, our poppy seed cake is both a healthy and unusual snack.

Scones with Quebec Strawberries, Lavender and White Chocolate

We don’t know about you, but the name is enough to make our mouths water! All right, this one is somewhat less healthy, but so delicious that we couldn’t pass it up!

The freshness of the strawberries and the lavender taste of these scones will brighten up any day.


Easy Lunches for Busy Days

Sandwiches are perfectly fine occasionally but they might lose their lackluster if you eat them several days a week.

While leftovers might also be a quick, tasty and anti-waste solution, sometimes teenagers simply clean out the fridge (never mind the extra meal surplus you were saving for lunches…) and you’re left with not much to go on.


Delicious Salads

Greek salad - Niçoise salad

Our classic favourite couldn’t be left out: Greek salad. The spiciness of the red onion combined with the sweetness of juicy tomatoes make this salad perfect for lunches.

For something more original, you might want the Niçoise salad. Hard-boiled eggs, prosciutto and asparagus—a delightful combination to give you a boost of energy before an important meeting.


Yummy Pasta to Keep You Going All Afternoon (Excellent for Athletes!)

Lemon and Ricotta Pasta - Mediterranean Pasta with White Beans

Do you tend to pace more or sit at your desk? Pasta is excellent to sustain your energy for several hours.

Whether it’s Lemon and Ricotta Pasta or Mediterranean Pasta with White Beans, they will keep you going through an intense working afternoon.


For Small Appetites: Vegetables + Cold Cuts with a Twist to Thrill Your Tastebuds

Tomato and avocado tango - Antipasti platter

Are you the type to simply nibble a few things for lunch? A mix of cold cuts and vegetables may be just the thing for you.

For delicious combination ideas, check out these recipes: Tomato and Avocado Tango and the Antipasti Platter.

Want to add extra punch to your bite? Drizzle some balsamic glaze over cold cuts and cheeses. This will add a burst of flavour to simple cheddar.


Small Tip: When an especially boring day is coming up, such as accounting for instance (LOL), why not bring a fun lunch or snack? Your day will only be that much more enjoyable. 

Whether you want to bring some variety to your menu or add creativity to your lunches and snacks, these recipes should bring some colour and flavour to your day.