The art of living
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The Art of Living
The Art of Living

The Art of Living is Elegantly Renewed!

Want to give your home a makeover? Toys lying around, messy kitchen, unpleasant smells: whatever the reason may be, we all enjoy making positive changes to our homes.

The art of living is about finding wellness and pleasure in everyday life. A few key elements can help create a comforting environment.

This article introduces simple and creative tips to enhance your living space by awakening your senses.

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Decluttering Spaces: Everything in its Rightful Place

A harmonious space brings about peace of mind. If your interior is cluttered with all sorts of things, your mind perceives it as a hurdle to well-being. Have you ever felt an inner calmness when looking around a room you’ve just cleaned? That is the feeling you want to maintain every day.

Bulk bags 

No more bulky small items with our bulk bags! You can store and preserve the freshness of fruit or vegetables in practical, environmentally-friendly bags. 

Glass or plastic bowl

No more half-open cereal boxes that attract ants! Buy a few glass or plastic bowls to store open pasta and cereals bags. Your pantry will be that much more attractive and tidier!

Bulk bags and glass jars

Don't have too many things, but choose them wisely.

According to Quebec decluttering expert , the environment you live in can affect your mental health. Feeling good in your home has an impact on your mental load. She offers 30-day challenges to «Clean Up Your Interior» to help you with this task.

Setting the Table to Ignite Your Senses

We eat with our eyes well before the food ever hits our tongues. Why not get into the habit of setting a table that will ignite your guests’ senses, even before serving the first course?

Colours and Textures

One of the best decorating tricks is to play with colours and textures to bring about emotions. A wooden trivet will bring warmth and comfort to a winter meal. A glass jar filled with wildflowers will hint at the freshness of the food to come.

Little Details that Make a Difference

Yes, small details do make a difference! Try using various utensils and glasses to create a different mood. Adding cloth napkins can also enhance the wow effect.


Add edible flowers such as pansies to your favourite dishes just before serving. Your presentation will be both delicious and beautiful. 

Here are some ideas to make your table more creative:
  • Choose a seasonal theme
  • Use glass jars as vases
  • Candles in natural shades
  • A cut-out wooden log as a pot or plate holder
  • Small potted plants
  • Pretty bottles of olive oil or sauce

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      Smells and Flavours: Pleasure for Your Senses

      Scents are also an integral part of our well-being. Set up vanilla or lavender ambient scenting according to your preferences and rooms.

      Candles with Appeasing Scents

      To remove fishy or onion smells, a refreshing candle or vanilla-scented candle will provide a sense of cleanliness to the kitchen.

      For the bedroom or living room, choose subtle fragrances such as chamomile or lavender for a soothing effect.

      Dried Herbs

      Dried herbs are also a natural way of bringing fragrance into the home. For instance, some dried lavender in your dresser’s drawer provides freshness both for the person who opens the drawer and the clothes that are stored within.

      Whether you are a minimalist or like to collect a bunch of things, these little tips will help you feel more at home every day. Don’t hesitate to add your own personal touch with your tastes and preferences to make your home even more enjoyable.

      For more inspiration, visit us at our lovely store in Saint-Liguori where you’ll be inspired to enhance your home interior and create a mood to your liking!