Mediterranean lifestyle: 3 simple advices to adopt healthy and tasty lifestyle habits
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Mediterranean lifestyle: 3 simple advices to adopt healthy and tasty lifestyle habits 

Everyone has heard of the Mediterranean diet. But, did you know that there is also a Mediterranean lifestyle by which we should all be inspired, according to many scientific researches?  

In this article, we share with you the latest discoveries about the healthy and tasty habits of the inhabitants of this sunkissed region. 

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The Mediterranean lifestyle: what is it?

More than a diet, it is a truly healthy quality of life practiced by the residents of the Mediterranean coast. Yes, food is an important factor, but so is taking time for ourselves and sharing it with others. 

It is a lifestyle harmonized with nature’s rhythm, for consumed goods as well as body healthcare products. It is also a lifestyle that places family and relationships at the center, with family meals on the front row. 

Here is their secret: a healthy seasonal nutrition, surrounding themselves with community and respecting their bodily needs.

Advice 1: Healthy nutrition habits

Eating well helps to preserve our health, that is known. But beyond health, nutrition also affects our moods and emotions. 

Which food to select

One of the first foods that comes to mind in a Mediterranean diet is olive oil. With its antioxidant properties and vitamin E abundance, all the reasons are good to add a little olive oil drizzle to our favorite dishes. Moreover, it is so delicious!

A variety of fruits, vegetables and cereals are also among the star foods of the Mediterranean region. A low red meat consumption is privileged to make more room for seafoods like fatty fishes, which are full of omegas and healthy fats. 

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How to easily integrate them

For the olive oil, it’s easy, we can put some everywhere! Whether it is for cooking or elevating a salad, choose the oil that will enhance the flavors. Speaking of salad, a great way to increase your fruits and vegetables intake is to prepare a salad to accompany your meals. Feta, radishes or fresh cilantro, numerous alternatives can be prepared. Discover our gourmet recipes for meal ideas. 

Cereals like barley, buckwheat or millet may easily replace pastas or rice in your favorite dishes. Don’t hesitate to test different cereals to find your favorite.

Respecting the seasons

Consuming seasonal foods allows an increase of vitamin intake. Excellent for health, this technique also improves the carbon footprint while increasing regional foods consumption.


In terms of nutrition, there is one word of command: variety. Even if we love carrots and carrot soup is our favorite dish, it doesn’t guarantee global health if it is the only thing we are eating. Therefore, the goal is to vary the food choices to take advantage of numerous essential nutrient sources.

Advice 2: Rest and physical activity

The art of naps

Ah, naps! Who never wished to lie down after a copious meal?

According to Université Laval researchers, close to 40% of the Canadian population has sleep issues. Moreover, the proportion of people suffering from insomnia is between 10% and 20%. Those numbers are concerning, even more knowing that the deleterious effects of sleep deprivation are numerous. Stress, difficulty concentrating, mood swings: these are only a few examples of what sleep deprived people and their closed ones have to live with. 😅

According to that same study, naps would allow catching up on a portion of lost sleep, which would decrease the negative consequences of sleep deprivation. But, be aware: naps should not exceed 30 minutes, otherwise they wouldn’t be helpful.

So, enjoy a good power nap without any remorse!

Outdoor activities

Whether it is walking, jogging or any other kind of outdoor activity, enjoy this moment to relish the sunlight and fresh air. A simple daily walk has many advantages: 

- Increases mood

- Decreases anxiety

- Helps sleep

- Tones muscles

- Slows biological aging

 Stress management

The society we live in has its fair share of tensions: children’s activities, traffic jams, overloaded schedules, a job with responsibilities… We can sometimes juggle a few tasks in order to relieve the stress load, for example, carpooling with a coworker we like so we can catch up while being stuck in traffic.

Advice 3: The importance of social interaction

Family meals

A meal shared in good company always tastes better! Take time to eat with the family, to talk to each other: it allows everyone to eat slower and enjoy the moment. It is an important routine that helps conserving and reinforcing the family bond between each other. 

Community bonds

It is said that a whole village is needed to raise a child. As such, community bonds are imperative for good mental health, as many researchers highlighted during the pandemic. Now that the quarantine measures are behind us, get involved within your community, whether through athletic associations, volunteering or activities organized by the city.

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The Mediterranean lifestyle offers precious advices on healthy and tasty habits for a better quality of life. Beyond a diet, it personifies a philosophy that is harmonious with the seasons and our communities.

For more tricks and advices about nutrition, don’t hesitate to consult our blog or discover available products on our online boutique.