Reinvent the art of table arrangement: simple elegance
Par: Vicky Stavropoulos
La Belle Excuse
La Belle Excuse

Reinvent the art of table arrangement: simple elegance

Remember the pleasure of setting a gorgeous table to welcome your guests for Christmas: candles, decorations, delicate tableware. As for a trip: preparation is an important part of the joy related to the event. 

And what if you replicated this pleasure more often? 

In this article, discover a few simple tips to make your table more elegant, even on a Monday night!

Table arrangement

Textiles with clean lines and natural fabrics

When speaking of accessories to illuminate a table, basics are essential.


Even with the most gorgeous tableware, if it is set on a dirty wrinkly tablecloth with mismatched colors, it will never be highlighted.  

If we firstly have to take into account the table’s dimensions, the materials and colors choices are also pertinent questions to ponder.  

Linen is the trendy choice of the recent years: with its unique aspect, it is both chic and natural. The textile can also easily be washed and ages very well.

A small tip to choose the dimensions: add thirty centimeters each side of your table to have a beautiful length.


For quick evenings or simple lunchtime, placemats add a touch of color to your meals. Fabric ones are preferred, since they will last longer than their plastic counterparts, which lose their colors. 

Custom made aprons to wake the chef within!

Perfect suggestion for gifts exchange:  the apron is not what it used to be! From a dull dress, it elevated to an all new level!

Whether it is to avoid a stain or to wake your inner chef, the aprons makers did their homeworks and are now offering pretty fabrics in varied colors. From a Van Gogh La nuit étoilée reproduction to beautiful warm shades, there are plenty of options.


For special occasions, we use the fabric napkins! In addition to being washable, they bring another degree of sophistication to honor the beautiful meal that you’ll have prepared for your guests.


Unique tableware to highlight your meals

Some patterns evoke specific cultures and transport us directly to a whole other environment. Choose ornaments that you like, so that every meal is a trip to your dream destination.

A natural decoration with delicate perfumes

Boreal decor

A few slices of wood as coasters or under the candles bring warmth and intimacy to the dining room. Another decor tip: pine branches dispersed in the middle of the table make the room smell amazing while adding a natural touch to the meal. 

Floral decor

Dried or fresh flowers: according to the season, we’re opting for the simpler option. They bring freshness, softness and joy to the whole house, in addition to smelling so good!

dried flowers

Specifically sweet messages may also be passed with the symbolism they embody. As such, the chrysanthemum symbolizes honesty and the geranium is a sign of amusement.

Put some on the table to enhance the decor or even your dishes, with some edible flowers like the pansy. An attention that is sure to have a lot of success amongst your guests.


Offer what is best to your guests

If the delicacies of the table are important, what we offer our guests around it is too.


According to a national survey, the average person who washes their hands more than 10 times a day has more than doubled since the pandemic.

Knowing that your guests will wash their hands at least once during the evening, you could provide sweet scented soaps that are gentle to the skin for them - and your family too!-.  


Your preparation included cooking three onions? No problem! Light a citrus scented candle to make the acrid smell of onion disappear and replace it with a delicate fruity scent.

 LBE candle and hand soap

To add a special attention to your meals, don’t hesitate to vary the accessories. You can have fun with specific themes (Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc) or simply decorate following your current mood.

Embellish your family meals with these simple tips. Consult our available accessories or, even better, come visit our gorgeous country boutique filled with home accessories. We never know what treasure you will find!