10 recipe ideas for a delicious winter
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10 recipe ideas for a delicious winter

When we think about winter in Quebec, storms, snow and freezing cold come to mind. But so are comforting meals we enjoy all cozied up by the fireplace.

For your winter to be the utmost comforting, La Belle Excuse’s team shares 10 of their favorite recipes for a delicious winter.


soup and roasted garlic mustard

Fondue for every palate

Chinese fondue is an infallible classic. Almost everyone knows and eats it at least once a year. If you are on the lookout for novelty, here are two fondues that will satisfy your craving for a little culinary adventure.

Goat cheese, honey and rosemary fondue

A mild, sweet and a tad spicy fondue… yum! You’ll just want to lick your fingers!

To make it even tastier, choose rosemary over thyme, which was part of the original recipe, as it adds a more lemony flavor. Bread and small vegetables, like mushrooms, can be dipped in it. 

Seafood fondue

You might already add shrimps or salmon to your traditional fondue. What if you prepared one exclusively with seafood?

A variety of sea ingredients could pair well with a milder and more clear broth: shrimps, calamaries, scallops, etc. Your imagination is the only limit!

Add delicious dips homemade with quality ingredients, like our roasted garlic mustard and you’ll have a feast fit for a king… or a Greek god!


Unique soups

As an appetizer or a whole meal, soups and creamy alternatives are an excellent source of vitamins in addition to warm the body and heart during the cold winter days.

Roasted tomato soup

So easy to prepare and much better than store bought ones, homemade roasted tomato soup is sure to invigorate you after a long hike in the snow. Throw in basil leaves and a fresh cream drizzle for a wow effect.

Reinvented pea soup 

A truly Québécois staple, the pea soup remains a classic on our tables and in our sugar shacks. We are suggesting an equally delicious alternative which will warm your hands and stomach, with our white beans country soup

Being, in itself, a nourishing meal, the soup is quickly and easily prepared. With mountain oregano as one of the ingredients, it has tonic, curative and aromatic virtues.

 Tomato soup and pea soup

Comforting stews

The smell of a good homemade stew aromatises the house for many hours, making your guests’ mouths water directly at their arrival.

Country vegetables stew

A recipe that witnessed many generations certainly deserves a try! What is unique about this Country vegetables stew is the use of Ouzo for the broth, a Greek anise alcohol. 

The subtle touch of black licorice, brought by the anise, is softened with flavourful herbs; mint, fennel and dill. It is also possible to replace Ouzo with Pastis, which is much easier to find.

It may be served with a feta block and bread as a vegetarian option, or paired with grilled meat for the meat lovers.

Mediterranean chowder

A little bit in the paella style, the Mediterranean chowder is abundant with seafood and fishes. It is quickly prepared and very tasty: a flavors and odors festival!

The team’s small tip: Surprise your guests by serving it with homemade fries and mayo. They will be charmed!

 Mediterranean chowder and french fries

Delicious pies

To beautifully finish a meal, what would be more delicious than a warm pie topped with a scoop of ice cream…

Blueberry pie + a special tip

Blueberry pie is a staple in Quebec. But, have you already tried to make your own pie dough with olive oil? To bring out a sweet and salty (and healthy!) flavor to the blueberry pie, it is definitely a tip to try!

Unique apple pie

An onion confit and goat cheese apple pie? Here is a flavor that is sure to be surprising! 

For a dessert that is more on the salty than sweet side or as an appetizer, this recipe will please your taste buds. To alleviate the task, swap the caramelized onions in the original recipe with our delicious pearled onion confit.


Breakfasts by the fireplace

Caramelized maple pears french toasts

A delight to start the day off right! And it is so fast to prepare that you will be seated to savor it in a maximum of 15 minutes.

The team’s small tip: Sprinkle the french toasts with a tad of fleur de sel. A delicious salty and sweet blend!

Vegetables omelet

Perfect for a morning at the chalet with family or friends, a good veggie omelet is easy to prepare and delicious to eat, even more so to replenish the stamina before a long hike in the woods. 

To enhance the flavor, add  french shallot confit in raspberry balsamic. The final touch for a real healthy delight. The kids will want some more, even if it is full of vegetables.

French shallot confit

Whether you feel like curling up in a comforter on the sofa or riding the ski slopes, these beloved recipes will keep you warm this winter. 

If you would like more inspiration, don’t hesitate to browse our recipes section or our products section to get your hands on quality basic ingredients.